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It is expected that students in the Master of Professional Studies in Management and Organizational Leadership Program from the Penn State Smeal College of Business will have strong quantitative skills and other qualities typically cultivated in STEM-related disciplines.

Students in the program are likely to come from a variety of undergraduate major backgrounds including but not limited to:

  • Engineering: Mechanical, civil, architectural, computer, electrical, etc.
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Sciences: Agricultural, computer and information, earth and mineral, life, physical, etc.
  • Security and Risk Analysis
  • Many other disciplines

“Many large corporations have a business/management career track and a more technical career track for STEM students. The MMOL program prepares early career technical graduates to enter and accelerate in the business/management related tracks. These people are often more challenging to find and people in this track often have more promotion opportunities than do people in the technical track."
- Vice President, Raytheon