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Leadership Immersion

A key aspect of the Master of Professional Studies in Management and Organizational Leadership Program from the Penn State Smeal College of Business is a leadership immersion experience.

Modeled after the leadership immersion in the Penn State Smeal MBA Program, the experience gives you the opportunity to gain hands-on exposure to unique team-building challenges outside the familiar classroom or boardroom setting. Participate in scenarios that stretch your critical-thinking and communication skills, learn what it means to work as a team and also how to lead in times of stress.

Recent leadership immersion experiences have taken students to the Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) Fire Academy in New York; the U.S. Marine Corps Officer Candidates School in Quantico, Virginia; and the battlefields of the American Civil War in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

  • FDNY Firefighter for a Day Challenge: Students traveled to the FDNY Fire Academy on Randall's Island to participate in a day's worth of team-building and leader development exercises. Teams were sent into the same simulated fire-fighting scenarios that probationary firefighters use to practice situations such as controlling fire hoses, dealing with city emergencies such as subway derailments, search and rescue, and putting out fires.
  • United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates School: Students traveled to the United States Marine Corps Base in Quantico to take part in a daylong series of drills and exercises aimed at testing their mental and physical capabilities. Students were split into teams and assigned an active-duty Marine mentor who guided them through exercises that included a ropes course and a simplified version of the obstacle-laden combat course that officer candidates endure during training.