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Tuition for students in the Master of Professional Studies in Management and Organizational Leadership Program from the Penn State Smeal College of Business is determined by the University and is based on the graduate rate for students in the category of Business, EMS, Science, IST, and Engineering.

The rate for Pennsylvania residents in 2016-17 is $21,294. The rate for non-Pennsylvania residents was $35,650. Tuition rates for the upcoming academic year are set by mid-summer by the University. For more information, visit tuition.psu.edu.

The MMOL also has the following additional fees:

  • Leadership Immersion $100 - The students will spend one day at an off-site location and is designed to enhance their leadership, communication, and decision making skills.  The fee will cover all costs including facility, instructor, transportation, and meals for the day. 
  • Accounting $30 - This fee is the cost to purchase an online subscription for each student to ALEKS, an assessment and learning system.  This will serve as a preparatory course for the financial accounting course they will take in their first semester.    
  • Communications $30 - There is no book assigned in this course, and this fee covers the binder, handouts, copies, and other materials used for the course.  It also covers expenses associated with speeches including recorders, timers, etc.